Finalist: Andrew S.

Andrew's situation

I'm Andrew, 20 years old from Biddeford, Maine. I'm currently working at exploring my career options, and I hope to trade the wealth of information I've gathered concerning media and publications for the learning experience available through the Young & Free Maine Spokester position.

Andrew's writing

I hate the phrase “Think outside the box.” 

It implies I was thinking inside one in the first place. It's the reason why even profound idealists occasionally fall short in their creative endeavors. 

Boxes are flawed. The idea of thinking “outside” one just to expand that very same conceptual cubicle is just wrong. Boxes don't deserve to expand. 

I like spheres. Circles. The universe's perfect shape. Thinking around a circle and improving its symmetry, its complement to itself, sounds far more productive and rewarding than looking for answers outside some box. If I had it my way, I'd throw away all the “boxes” and tell the world to start building circles instead. 

But I can't do that. What can I do? I can take all the boxes I work with personally and chisel them into spheres like a sculptor perfecting his passion. I'll take those rough, unrefined, often jagged edges and sand them down into smooth, symmetrical, unique works of art.

And I've already picked the next box I want to ply my craft to. Young and Free Maine. The potential of a project like that stands nearly unbounded, its implicit reach blocked only by the four corners of “the box.” It should be a circle. It should radiate in all directions, identical and unwavering, curving to fit the contours of whatever the 18 to 25 crowd of Maine needs. And yet, right now, it's still a box, albeit a much larger box than when it started. 

Let me fix that. I have the tools to turn that box into the biggest circle you've ever seen. 

That first corner: Community involvement. Let me sand it down with my extroversion, my social skills, and my ability to relate and form friendships with nearly anyone. 
That second corner: Media and social networking. Let me chisel away at the online image of Young and Free Maine with my years of graphic design, writing, and marketing experience. I've been recognized on a national level for all of it.

That third corner: Content. Let me take the fantastic information already available through the program and reorganize and mold it into convincing, persuasive points that make Maine credit unions so appealing that even flat broke students and young adults will want to make some money just to put it into those financial institutions. 

And that fourth and final corner: The impact of public presentations. Let me use my considerable experience with public speaking and performance to convince your target audience that they should demand nothing less than everything Maine credit unions have to offer them. 

Boxes are for squares. Young and Free Maine deserves to be a circle.