Finalist: Mallory L.

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I have been living in Orono since I began studying at the University of Maine in 2009. Upon graduating with a B.A. in Journalism and French in 2012, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work for the Indian Island Elementary and RSU 26 school systems. It is extremely rewarding to work alongside local students! 

Aside from work, I love to figure skate. As a skating coach, I work with students toward achieving their skating goals. It is great to watch them succeed and progress as skaters. This year, I even found some time to skate for myself, and competed in the 2014 Adult National Championships in Hyannis, Massachusetts! 

In my spare time, I love reading, horseback riding, playing the piano, staying fit by going to the gym or by running outside (now that the weather is warming up!), and spending quality time with my family, friends, and cat, Ruby!

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My Role as the Young and Free Maine Spokester

The 18-25 year old crowd is a fast-paced and social media savvy group, and I can relate! Between balancing school, work, friends, and extracurricular activities, social media makes life a whole lot simpler. In this day and age, who really has the time to sit down to learn all the ins and outs of credit unions and financial management? Yet learning practical money-managing skills is such an asset, and being a credit union member, and former employee, has helped me tremendously. That is why, as the next Young and Free Maine Spokester, I will engage with this crowd to make finances fun and easy to understand!

As a young professional myself, and a recent grad of the University of Maine, I understand that juggling a busy schedule, while trying to pay off student loans and having a social life, is no easy feat. This is where I, as the next spokester for Maine's credit unions, will come in! Through fun and entertaining videos, blogs, interviews, and across all social media platforms, (you name it!) I will be there to answer tough financial questions - in simple terms! I will apply basic money-managing skills to real-life situations that are important to this age group, and I will demonstrate the endless possibilities.

I will help 18-25 year olds realize that finances do not have to be a headache, or the most dreaded part of the day. Contrarily, successfully managing money can be quite rewarding. For instance, saving up for a spring break vacation...outside of Maine! Or even tracking spending and expenses more efficiently to get to a favorite waterfront concert! It is all possible through Maine's fantastic credit unions, and I will make sure the message is heard! Through creativity, music, traveling, and everything that is appealing to 18-25 year olds, I will help my generation understand and effectively manage finances through Maine's credit unions!