2015 Spokester Search: Hannah S.

Each applicant was asked to create a how-to video and answer two questions.

Hannah is a 19 year-old from Mapleton

My name is Hannah! I'm 19 years old and currently studying Education at the University of Maine at Farmington. I love working out and I'm currently in training for a fitness competition. I love dancing, acting, singing and blogging about my life.


How-to video

Top 10 list all about me

10. I have been blogging for a year and have 5,000 followers along with a variety of other social media accounts, making my total follower/connection number closer to 10,000.

9. I'm very multitalented - I can sing, dance, and act!

8. I have been a dancer for 15 years.

7. I have won 6 pageants since I was 6 years old.

6. I am currently in training for an NPC fitness bikini competition.

5. I have the LOUDEST laugh of all of my friends - they hate/love me for it!

4. I plan on attending the Disney College Program as soon as I graduate from UMF.

3. I plan to work in Disney as a Princess Actress after the College Program before I become a teacher!

2. I got into a terrible car accident in December, rolling my vehicle over 3 times and landing in a ditch upside down... I made it out with only some scratches!

1. I can name 30 Disney movies on the spot if you asked - maybe more!

My greatest learning experience

During the summer of 2014, I competed in the Maine Potato Queen pageant. I had to prepare a dance, interview skills, fitness wear and evening gown wear to work for the judges. I also had to pick a platform - something I'd promote if I won. My platform was Social media safety and cyber bullying. I ended up winning the pageant and had the chance to go into middle schools and talk about my experiences with cyber bullying and how I handled it. I have been cyber bullied up until last semester and it's been really hard for me. When I gave the kids examples of what I had dealt with, it was fulfilling to see them react as they did - full of surprise. Although going into the middle schools and seeing these kids was supposed to be a learning experience for them, and I'm sure it was, it was for me as well. I got to sit down and talk to the kids on a personal level and hear about their bullying experiences, especially the online on es, and learned how corrupted our younger generation can be when it comes to social networking. It taught me how important it is to be a role model online and that whatever we post on social media is something the younger children can see. Here is what I said onstage about cyber bullying during my pageant and the lessons I am spreading throughout my rein, 

"Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchats, texting… Social media is here to stay. It can be positive, a way to stay in touch or share pictures. Unfortunately, cyber-bullying has become an epidemic with several websites allowing its users the ability to remain anonymous while making cruel statements about others. My focus on social media awareness and the impact it has on children and teens is due to the fact that a pervasive onslaught of online bullying faces our youth today. It is my intention to teach and build understanding, for my younger peers, of how many people can see your actions online and the damage that can occur from poor choices. 

A targeted individual can quickly become a victim of bullying, name-calling, and harassment by hundreds, whether they know them in person or not. Many teens develop depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or commit self-harm acts. Tragically, only 1 in 10 of these teens tell their parents about the online abuse. 

Students as young as the elementary level are witnesses to or subjects of this issue. Teaching children and young teen’s social media skills and online safety is crucial. We must model social networking in a highly positive light. In my attempt to be an outstanding role model for the youth, I keep my posts positive and uplifting. I strive each day to be the best person I can be. The bully isn’t only in the hallway at school or on the bus anymore… they can be in your home, as you sit in bed, right in front of you, on your screen, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This destructive trend must be stopped. We must keep our online actions positive ones and our own posts should reflect what we would say face to face. So next time, think before you tweet, young eyes are watching.”