2015 Spokester Search: Tiffani Q.

Each applicant was asked to create a how-to video and answer two questions.

Tiffani is a 20 year-old from Portland

Hi! My name is Tiffani Quang. I am twenty years old and I live in Portland, Maine. I am attending Southern Maine Community College. I planned to study at the school for two years but I really did not know what I wanted to do with my life until last year. I thought that I wanted to be in the science field but I realized that it was not my calling, what I realized is that I loved business. The first year of college, I took all science courses so I am a little behind on my college career. I also make fashion youtube videos and I have been making videos since I was thirteen years old. I believe that people shouldn't overthink about the past and look forward to the future and the possible opportunities that lay ahead. I am excited to be participating in the Young & Free Maine Spokesperson and I wish everyone luck!


How-to video

Top 10 list all about me

  1. I can speak Chinese and English
  2. I wear heels on a daily basis
  3. I love doing Arts and Crafts
  4. I saw the dress white and gold
  5. I can draw my eyeliner in one swoop
  6. I attended Chinese school for 15 years
  7. I am not allergic to anything!
  8. I can touch my toes without bending my knees
  9. I have a second youtube channel for video editing 
  10. I started making Youtube videos when I was 13

My greatest learning experience

When I was thirteen years old, I created fun little videos with cartoon sprites. From that time on, I loved making videos and editing videos for fun. Fast forward three years, I realized that I really had no idea what to do with my life. I was uninspired, lazy, and bored. I went through my closet, and picked out a bunch of outfits to wear for fun. I spread out the outfits on my floor and took a picture of them and put it on Instagram. I kept doing this and I gained followers from just showing my outfits I put together. I then realized how much I loved fashion. From then on, my love for fashion has grown into a blog, and a Youtube Channel. Being experienced with social media will help me be a spokes person for Young Free Maine. I know what young adults love and what they are interested in. I am very experienced with video editors, and photoshop. I also know a little bit about HTML because I built my blog (with a little help from google). I love everything social media related.