Job description

The Young & Free Spokester must attend events around Maine and post blog entries and video entries. Throughout the year, there will be numerous travel and speaking commitments with credit unions.

The Spokester will:

  • Be an advocate for the age 17-25 crowd and represent the credit union industry
  • Create YouTube videos, blog, attend cool events and just be you!

We’ll set you up with everything you need to do your job well, including:

  • Apple MacBook Pro® notebook computer
  • HD video camera with microphone and accessories
  • Smart phone with a paid contract during your term
  • Use of a car (with paid gas)

These will be your tools of the trade. Plus you get to keep the computer and the camera.

The successful applicant must be:

  • Self-motivated and able to talk to anyone, anytime
  • Dynamic, likeable and outgoing
  • Creative and energetic in writing and other communications
  • Comfortable on camera
  • Computer savvy
  • Able to film, edit and upload video
  • Comfortable with all things web and social media
  • Organized and show strong follow-through on ideas and plans

The Young & Free Spokester is required to:

  • Maintain active membership at a credit union
  • Travel, attend and speak at events and at credit unions throughout the year
  • Post blog entries and video blogs for
  • Understand every aspect of Young & Free
  • Understand the history of the credit union and the benefits of being a member
  • Film and edit video episodes for broadcast on the Young & Free microsite through YouTube
  • Participate in media interviews
  • Based on feedback from the 25-and-under crowd, provide suggestions to Young & Free team about:
    • Video and blog post topics
    • Trends to watch for this age group
    • Ways to improve connecting to young adults
    • Events to attend in the future
  • Maintain a valid driver’s license
  • As a representative of the credit union in the community, the Young & Free Spokester is expected to conduct himself or herself in a professional manner



Search information


  • Apply: 
    Now! Deadline April 29
  • Interviews:
    By end of April 
  • Start date: 
    End of June