Sound Off: Don't Doubt

Song: Reasons


Just three friends in college who make music as a hobby on the low, two writers/rappers (Dylusional, Vaztastic) and a producer (Gas) just tryna make songs people can vibe with , inspired by our friend Austyn Pfiefer, we love you man.

Song Lyrics

I knew my friends would truly be my family
no blood relation to any but
many man yeah you see
friendships never broken when we sippin on the hennesey
adoption is crazy but destined together we gon' make a legacy
group of kids with stupid aaa tendencies
you mend with me come vibe with me
cause we just be
smokin for our remedies
rough life with these extremities
I'm hiding from them deputies
bumpin to those melodies
you know that's Austyn's specialty
kids from the same town got the homies lookin down
always gonna rock a smile never have a frown
love in our hearts I pray it world renowned
I hope you all be safe I hope you all be sound
like sully in the Hudson I know where to land
Feel like OBJ catching vibes with one hand
reason why I love tie dye and the sweatpants
layers in the headbands corona on my night stand
reason why I'm rocking jerseys over my sweater
hes the reason that I'm happy no matter what the weather
you know hes the reason why Don't Doubt be together
forever show no mercy there's no way that I'll surrender

R.I.P AP Imma tell you what I know
If Austyn was on netflix it would be my favorite show
you're the reason I started writing and generating my flows
you're the reason my hair long it reaches down to my toes
you're the reason we on soundcloud finding all the hits
you're the reason I started writing and making beats to spit
we be boxin in the field hair like the corn rows
ain't no skiing in the summer only happy when it snows
you're the reason that I'm catching the fish I'll admit
went from rippin lips on fish to assists on the pitch
throwback to when to started playing soccer long ago
now I'm here for you grinding nightly in the studio
you're the reason I wear shirts too big they don't fit
you're the reason I won't stop nope I'll never quit
now I'm bumpin Nav, Yachty, Nessley, on my stereo
eatin beats for breakfast packin bowls filled with cheerios
you're the reason I throw the shocker in all my pics
we hit ski jumps on the pond started stuntin and poppin tricks
you're the reason for this song I hope you think that it's dope
you're the reason I like FIFA used to call me the pro
got the camo pants on they sag low when I sit
playlists you created are what we be vibin with
you're the reason my goals are never reaching down below
you're the reason I share memories with all the people I know
you no longer have to worry I'll keep in touch with the bros
spread your wings fly like a dove it's time we just let you go