Sound Off: Lindsay Mower

Song: You Learn How to Live


Lindsay Mower is a rising jazz and blues artist in the rolling hills of Western Maine. She currently resides in Farmington, Maine where she studies at the local University. Lindsay writes her own music, featuring a fusion of jazzy, folksy and bluesy tunes that capture the beautiful wilderness of rural Maine, the intensity of young love and her life growing up as a farmer’s daughter.

Song Lyrics

You learn how to live
When you can let it all go

When you no longer reap
What you can't bear to sow

Please don't mistake my words
For the rhythm and blues

Because I don't care to dance
In my ancestor's shoes

I will speak my words slow
So that you can understand

I've given you my heart
Oh, won't you give me your hand?

We can fall on our knees
Beside of your bed

You can leave all your worries
Inside of my head

But hey, I won't speak softly
No, I won't regret

When I'm trying my best
To work with what's left

You will tell when my mind is totally lost
In bed at night I'll turn and I'll toss

Oh, come on my lover, it's twelve o'clock
Don't leave me hanging alone at dark