Sound Off: Sophie & the Midway Tanglers

Song: Black to Blue


Our band was born out of an yearning to hit the road, a love of old VW buses, and a deep friendship that started in college. 

We both headed west to pursue our careers out of school, and both returned home to New England after feeling unfulfilled and unexcited with our paths. So it was back to the drawing board for us, where we revisited old college conversations about living Vanlife out on the road, traveling through the country and playing music as nomadic bums in our dream machines. 

The next year we manifested our vision, working hard to find the right vehicles for our travels and fixing them up ourselves. The Vanagon is named Sedona, the VW bus is Dharma.

And last May we finally met up in Burlington Vermont and hit the road. 

We lived in the Rockies for the summer as campground hosts and would rush down to Boulder on the weekends to play on the streets downtown. We wrote songs around our campfire and soon started playing weekly for the campground under a pavilion overlooking the Indian Peaks. Our greatest gig of the Summer was at the Vanlife Gathering of Colorado where we were featured around the fire for the night.

We dashed back East to hibernate in Portland for the Winter and plan to stick around til the following Fall, working to keep playing and growing the Tanglers while collaborating with our friends in Happy Folk.

Song Lyrics

You kissed the moon child
And made him break
We made love in
Better days
From black to blue
And from blue to grey
We made love in better days
And I don't want you back

Everyday was just a sign
Loving you was loving a lie
So long live the king
That lives inside of me
He don't need no
Cold heart queen
And I don't want you back
And I don't want you back

I stand my ground
I have no shame
I'll shoot you down in
Your petty games
You walk like sunshine
But you brought the rain
I left you once babe
I'll do it again
And I don't want you back
And I don't want you back

So here's to you
And cheers to me
I wish you well
But don't cross my street
Now move along honey
This is goodbye
I know your tricks so
Don't start to try
And I don't want you back
And I don't want you back