Find the right app to fit your holiday shopping and save!

We are getting closer and closer to the holidays. And as we approach this bank-blowing super-spending season, it's time to take control so that your spending does not spiral out of control.

Let's take a look at some apps that will put your crazy, out-of-control shopping list to rest this holiday season! 

1. An app for electronics. ShopSavvy. Just scan the barcode, and let the app do the price comparisons for you. This way, you can get the best deal on your electronics from both online stores and brick-and-mortar retailers. Never miss out on the best prices!

2. An app for holiday budgeting. Santa's Bag. By using this app, you'll never forget anyone on your shopping list, and you won't overspend! This app helps you stick to your budget!

3. An app for decor. Snapshop. This app allows you to shop for furniture and preview what it will look like in your home! You can browse and discover products, and share your photo creations, all from your phone!

4. An app for clothing. ShopItToMe. Whether you're looking for clothing gifts, or for a fancy holiday outfit, you can find all of the best styles at the right price with this app! 

5. An app for gift card giving. Gift Card Granny. Buy discount gift cards or sell your unwanted gift cards! These are the perfect gifts for co-workers, clients, or even friends and relatives. Check it out for a great deal on your favorite gift cards!

Good luck holiday shopping!