Throwback Thursday

History of the Fryeburg Fair

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Have you ever wondered how the Fryeburg Fair earned its title for the largest agricultural fair in New England? It took a lot of years, but it all started in March of 1851. According to the Fryeburg Fair's website, the fair had humble beginning with just a few local farmers and merchants got together and decided to show off their produce, cattle and goods to the community.

On that first day, William Walker of Lovell won $3 for the best acre of corn and William Spring of Brownfield earned $1 for the best seed wheat.

This year marks 252 years from that first fair day. SInce then, the fair grounds have grown to the current 185 acres on the banks of the Saco River and attracts more than 300,000 people annually. 

The fair was not always an eight day event. According to their website, fair trustees voted to expand the fair to four days in 1941 but World War II stalled the expansion until 1945. The fair grew to five days in 1954, seven a few years later and eight in 1981 when the second Sunday was added.


Everyone has until Sunday to enjoy the fair! 

Lauren R.