10 Awesome Life Hacks

I spent a good chunk of time perusing Pinterest for the best of the best in life hacks. These 10 everyday hacks will change your life. You're welcome.


1. Gas Arrow

Do you forget which side the car's gas tank is on? Do you attempt to stretch the hose under and around the back of the car because you guessed incorrectly? This hack is for you. The gas gauge on your car has a little arrow indicating which side the tank is on. Boom. 

2. Bread Ties to Label Cables

Don't throw them away! Attach them to the mess of cables under your desk and label them so you'll always know which one you're unplugging.


3. Toaster Grilled Cheese

I've tried this before and it actually works. Lay a double-slice toaster on it's side and place two slices of bread inside with a slice of cheese on top of one slice. Keep an eye on it as it toasts and be prepared to catch your sandwich when it pops up. Also, be careful that the cheese isn't touching the metal parts inside, because that would be a messy fire hazard.

4. Phone in a Cup

Are your phone's speakers just not cutting it in the volume department? Drop it in an empty glass and you'll amplify the sound. 


5. Bread in Brown Sugar

If you don't bake frequently your brown sugar is at risk of drying up. Put a piece of bread in the container with the brown sugar and it'll stay moist. Switch out the bread once a month. This also works for crunchy cookies. If you overbaked your last batch of chocolate chip just place them in a container with a piece of bread over night and they'll be nice and soft by morning.

6. Hair Dryer to Remove Stickers

Take off labels or stickers easily and without residue by heating them with a hair dryer. After a few seconds the sicker will peel right off.

7. Cleaning a Blender

Dread cleaning your blender after making a smoothie? Don't risk cutting your fingers by washing it by hand. Instead, fill half way with water, add a few drops of soap, cover and turn on low speed. Dump out soapy water and rinse.

8. Can Opener to Open Plastic Packages

Opening those hard plastic packages are a pain. Use a can opener to cleanly slice open the plastic with minimal effort and without injury.


9. Keep Jewelry Tangle-Free with a Straw

Untangling jewelry is such a pain. You won't ever have to do it again if you store your necklaces in plastic straws. 

10. See in the Dark

Ever wake up in the middle of the night for a glass of water, turn the kitchen light on to use the faucet, then return to your bedroom completely blinded in the dark and stub your toe on the dresser? I have. So many times. Your eyes are poorly adjusted to the light changes between your room and the kitchen, leaving you essentially blind when you return to bed. Save yourself an injured toe by covering one eye before venturing into the light. Keep it covered the whole time. When you return to your dark room, uncover your eye. The covered eye will still be adjusted to the dark, making it easier to see. According to some sources, this is one of the reasons why pirates wore eye patches. 

Do you have a favorite life hack? Share it!

Kylie K.