10 on Tuesday: Questions to Ask Yourself

I love personal development books. They’re filled with new ways of thinking, useful advice, and ideas that challenge my existing beliefs. I believe you can never stop improving. Personal development and self-improvement books allow me to learn new ways to improve both my personal and professional life. I’ve learned so much just by reading a few chapters each night.

Personal development books present many questions to get your brain working and thinking about how to improve. I take notes of the best questions as I read. Below are 10 questions I have encountered during my reading. These questions challenged me, surprised me, and encouraged me to think about my life and how to improve it. Try asking yourself these questions. Think about them, and then answer them for yourself.

10 Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Am I a starter or a finisher?

2. Who is in my life today that I wish I had met sooner?

3. What do I consider to be my greatest achievement?

4. What is the title of my autobiography?

5. What would I tell my 13-year old self?

6. When did I last feel proud of myself?

7. Am I better person today than I was yesterday?

8. What do I want most right now?

9. What do I need most right now?

10. What have I done to help others reach their goals?

Never stop improving. If you’re interested in reading some personal development books, check out my recommendation video to get started.

Kylie K.