10 on Tuesday: Gifts under $10

There are just 34 days until Christmas. When did that happen?

The next few weeks will be filled with holiday parties, visiting friends and family, and of course, last minute gift shopping. My holiday gift giving list gets longer and longer every year. I just love finding the perfect little something to make my friends and family smile. I'm working from a budget, so I can't buy everyone a luxurious gift, but its possible to find something unique, meaningful and useful for less than $10. Here's the best of the best $10 and under gifts that the web has to offer for 10 different personalities. 

Sweet Tooth


Don't just give candy, make it a one-of-a-kind chocolately creation! Craft your own custom chocolate bar at Chocomize.com. You can choose from dark, milk or white and add fruit, nuts, candy, cereal and even gold flakes. Bars start at $4.25 and increase based on the number of add-ins you choose.

Technology Buff

Everyone who deals with phone chargers and laptop power cords needs a set of cable clips. These keep everything in place so you're not digging under your desk every time you need to plug in your phone. They're just $9.99 for 6 clips. What a deal!


In Maine we know the power of a roll of duct tape. Educate your friends and family with The Jumbo Duct Tape Book. It's packed full of ideas and uses for duct tape, some serious and some just for fun. It's $9.95 with free Amazon Prime shipping.


Sentimental gifts are the best, especially for a significant other or best friend. Find a picture of you and the person together and get an 8" x 10" photo printed at Walgreens. Write a note on the back of the picture and pick up an inexpensive frame at a dollar store or The Christmas Tree Shop. It's up to you to tell the recipient about the note or leave them to discover it themselves one day in the future. This gift ranges from $4.99 to $10, depending on the cost of the frame.


At the rate we go through coffee in our house, I should really invest in a few of these Grow Your Own Coffee kits. This includes everything needed to grow coffee plants at home. It's best to give this to someone with a green thumb and a bit of patience as it can take up to two years to grow a whole pound. This unique gift is only $9.99.

Music Lover

Usually I wouldn't suggest a gift card, but for the music lover in your life an iTunes gift card is a great option. iTunes also lets you send digital gift certificates by e-mail so they're easy to deliver to a friend or family member far away.


Everyone could use one of these gadgets. This pocket charger will give your USB device up to one extra charge with a AA battery. For just $7.29 plus shipping you can save your friend from that 4% battery life panic.

Health Nut

If you're shopping for a fitness fanatic, check out magazine subscriptions on Amazon. Right now you can get a 1 year auto-renew subscription to Health Magazine for $9.00. Just remember to cancel the auto-renew before the last issue goes out, unless you want to give a gift that keeps on giving. 

In the Kitchen

I bake about three batches of cookies a week and I could not do it without my cookie scoop. This is a kitchen essential for any baker, as far as I'm concerned. Find it on Amazon for $8.99.


All the cool kids had glow in the dark adhesive stars on their ceilings growing up. Bring back this childhood trend for $9.99 plus shipping.

How do you give gifts on a budget? Do you have any great gift ideas for under $10? 

Kylie K.