10 on Tuesday: Make the Most of Your Drive

I spend a lot of time on the road. Between moving and working over the last few weeks, I spent nearly 20 hours driving around in The Green Machine. That’s a lot of valuable time. Since I’m in the car so much, I’ve had to find ways to be productive behind the wheel while still being safe on the road. Here are my ideas to make the most of your drive.

1. Plan your route

Before you even get in the car, plan your route and any stops along the way. Getting lost and adding to your drive time is super frustrating and takes up even more of your valuable time.

2. Catch up on current events

Tune into National Public Radio (NPR) or a local talk news station to get caught up on current events.

3. Enjoy a novel

If you’re not excited about listening to what’s happening in the real world, get lost in a novel. Find free audio books at BooksShouldBeFree.com or download new releases from iTunes or Audible.com.

4. Learn a language

Fancy being fluent in French? Long hours behind the wheel are the perfect opportunity to pick up a new language. Radio Lingua has free one-minute podcasts available on iTunes for many languages. Load your iPod up with lessons and you’ll be speaking a foreign language faster than you can say, “Où sont mes clés?”

5. Listen to new music

I always have a long list of new artists that I want to check out. Car rides are the perfect chance to listen to new music. I like to build a playlist of new artists on Spotify and download it to my Android phone before hitting the road for a long drive.

6. Reconnect with friends

My car is wired so that I can talk on the phone without holding it to my ear. Thanks to this technology, I can safely make phone calls and reconnect with my friends while driving. Since my BFFs are all over the place, car rides are a great opportunity to chat for a few minutes and get caught up on their lives.

7. Make work calls

I send a lot of e-mails for work, but when I’m driving I can’t be monitoring my Gmail inbox. Before I get in the car I make note of who I need to respond to and which e-mails could be transformed into phone conversations. Using hands-free technology, I take care of work duties on the phone instead of online.

8. Reflect

Turn off the music, audio book, or news and just have a chance to breath and reflect. Are you on track to reach your goals? Is there something you want to accomplish? If you’re always super busy, you probably don’t have the chance to just sit and think very often. Use your drive as a chance for reflection.

9. De-stress

Pick up your favorite caffeinated beverage, turn on your favorite music and de-stress. If you can’t do anything else while driving, you might as well use it as a little “me” time.

10. Practice your karaoke voice

If you ever see me driving around town in The Green Machine, I’m most likely singing at the top of my lungs like a wannabe X Factor contestant. There’s nothing wrong with belting it out to your favorite tunes while on the road… Unless you have a passenger, then you might want to rethink this one.

Kylie K.