10 on Tuesday: My Favorite Pins

Pinterest is a great source for ideas, inspiration, knowledge and even a laugh. Here are my top 10 favorite pins right now.

1. For the Fitness Buff

About 90% of my workout ideas and running plans come from fitness bloggers who post their routines on Pinterest. My favorite (this week) is this full body workout set to popular songs. 

2. Feed Me

It's no secret that Pinterest is great for recipe ideas. I've been looking for some tasty recipes that use kale and I found this kale and bacon mac and cheese recipe the other day. I can't wait to try it!

3. Fun DIY Project

Want to turn your apartment into a designer showcase? Look no further than the many DIY Pins. Class up your boxspring with a little fabric, a stapler, and instructions from this pin.

4. Just for Fun

Sharks with people teeth. Try not to laugh.


5. Decorate

Hopefully someday I'll have a house of my own to decorate. When that day comes, you better believe I'm turning to Pinterest for ideas. This Pin shows you how to make your own bookshelf door so you can create a secret room. Who doesn't want a secret room in their house?

6. Animal Memes

I could do a whole top 10 post of my favorite animal memes. Maybe next week? For now, here's my favorite animal meme on Pinterest as of today. 

My shoes.jpeg

7. Educational

Thirsting for knowledge? There's plenty of educational Pins on a variety of topics. I've been learning a lot about my new DSLR camera thanks to Pinterest, especially this Pin that points out eight things most people don't know a DSLR can do.

8. Dream Home

Have you seen the gorgeous homes posted on Pinterest? I have a whole Board dedicated to my many dream homes. I definitely think this bathtub/fireplace combo is  dream house worthy.


9. Quotable

Need inspiration? Pinterest has a quote for that.

words of the wise.jpeg

10. Why Didn't I Think of That?

Pinterest has so many life hacks to save you precious time! Putting a sock over the vacuum to find those pesky runaway earrings... Why didn't I think of that?

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 9.10.36 PM.png

Do you Pin?

Kylie K.