10 on Tuesday: New Year's Resolution Tips

Happy New Year! 2012 was a very exciting year for me. Now it's time to get down to business and make those all important resolutions for 2013. I think this year will be the best yet! Here are my tips to help you achieve your goals for the new year.

1. Be specific

Focused goals are easiest to stick to. Narrow in on what you want and how you plan to achieve it. For example, if you want to save $2000 by summer, figure out how much you have to save each week to meet your goal.

2. Be realistic

Your goals shouldn’t need magic and wishes. Set realistic goals that you can achieve with hard work and extra effort.

3. Create a timeline

Many people set start goals but forget to mark their own finish line. Create a timeline for your goal, including when you will start and when you want to finish. Like due dates in school, having an end date will motivate you towards achieving your goal.

4. Write it down

Make it official. Write down your goal in a journal, on your calendar, or just a piece of paper. Revisit the words daily.

5. Tell everyone about it

You’ll have a better chance of sticking to a goal if others hold you accountable for it. Tell your friends and family what you plan to do. Trust me, they’ll keep bugging you about it.

6. Remind yourself of your goal

When you wake up in the morning, remind yourself of your goal. Even if you don’t realize it, these reminders will lead you to make decisions and take action throughout the day towards achieving your goals.

7. Visualize success

Whatever your New Year’s resolution may be, picture yourself finally achieving success. Imagine holding the keys to your new car, crossing the finish line of your first road race, or holding that report card with a 4.0 GPA in your hands. Use these images as inspiration and motivation for sticking to your goal.

8. Eliminate distractions

Want to live a healthier lifestyle? Get rid of the holiday candy kicking around your cupboards. Want to save up for a new car by the summer? Delete online shopping websites from your bookmarks. Get rid of distractions and focus on success.

9. Create an inspiration journal

If your goal is health focused keep a journal or bulletin board of inspirational quotes and images. If your goal is to build savings, post up pictures of your dream house. Whenever your motivation fails, go back to these for a boost.

10. It’s okay to make mistakes

Setting and reaching goals is hard work. Everyone is bound to slip up on the way to the finish line and that’s okay. Don’t let one mistake derail your plans. You can do this!

What's your New Year's resolution?

Kylie K.