10 on Tuesday: Reasons I Love Portland

As you know, I recently moved to Portland after living in the Orono area for five years. Orono was great, don't get me wrong, but there's a lot to love about my new home in Portland. 

Portland is becoming such a popular area for our generation. It's filled with fun things to do and new things to experience. Here are my 10 favorite things about Portland. What's on your list? 

 I snapped this photo on a recent trip to Portland Head Light. 

I snapped this photo on a recent trip to Portland Head Light. 

1. History

Portland is rich with history. The first settlement dates back to the 1600's, though it was not named Portland until 1786. There are many museums and historic houses to visit downtown. I plan to tour the Victoria Mansion soon. It looks incredible!

2. Ocean

Portland sits on Casco Bay and you can hop on a ferry for a variety of ocean excursions. Living so close to the ocean is one of my favorite parts about Portland.

3. Back Cove

As a runner, Back Cove is a dream come true. The perfectly paved trail surrounds a gorgeous body of water, making it easy to go for a run every morning.  

4. Restaurants

Portland is said to have more restaurants per capita than New York City! That's pretty impressive. There's no shortage of variety either. Upscale or casual, classic American dining or adventurous world cuisine, you can find it all in Portland. 

5. Festivals

Old Port Fest has always been a favorite summer event of mine. I stopped by this year's festivities on Sunday to see some great artists play on outdoor stages.  

6. Live Music

Speaking of great artists, Portland has many concert venues, which is awesome for me as a music fan. I love seeing shows at State Theatre and Port City Music hall. It's great to have access to concerts without having to travel to Boston or New York.  

7. Shopping

Portland has many little shops for speciality items along with major retailers in the Maine Mall. Living this close to great shopping is both good and bad! 

8. Lighthouses

I've always loved lighthouses. The history behind the structures is so intriguing, and they just look so lovely. I visited Portland Head Light a few weeks ago. I could have stayed there all day! 

9. Old Port

Of course, I can't forget to mention the Old Port! The nightlife is incredible and the cobblestone streets flanked by historic brick buildings provide a unique atmosphere.  

10. Opportunities

Portland is booming. Folks from all over are flocking to Portland bringing new skills, talents, and ideas to the area. Portland is filled with new opportunities to grow and learn. I am so thrilled to be living in Portland during such an exciting time. 

Are you a Portland resident or are you a frequent visitor? I'd love to hear your favorite spots in the city! 

Kylie K.