10 on Tuesday: Stay Sane Even When Busy

It's a busy time of year in Young & Free land. With Financial Fitness Fairs, planning for a big announcement, and keeping up with daily Spokester duties, it's easy to get a little stressed.

I love being busy, but I'm not superhuman. I get tired and scattered, I'm often over caffeinated, and I can lose focus and motivation. That's when I turn to the tips on this list to get back on track. 

1. Organize your thoughts

Close your eyes, sit back, and really organize your brain. Do your best to compartmentalize the thoughts that should be handled later, like what you need to make for dinner or how much laundry you need to do. If it’s work time, focus on work. Do your best to focus on the items that need immediate attention to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

2. Walk to Work

If it’s possible, ditch your car keys for the day and leave early, making the commute on foot. This low impact exercise along with the fresh air will get you focused for a busy day ahead. If you can't walk to the office, take a lap around the block on your lunch break.

3. Maintain a healthy diet

Don’t reach for those potato chips just because you don’t have time to prep a healthy lunch! You’ll end up feeling sluggish, the last thing you need when you’ve got a ton of work to do. Instead, pick up fruit and veggies at the grocery store. They barely need any prep and can be eaten on the run. If you need coffee to keep you going (of course you do), avoid drinking it in the afternoon. The caffeine will impact your sleep quality and only increase your stress. 

4. Make a schedule

Using your best estimates for how long it will take to complete each task, schedule your time down to the minute. The visual representation of your time and how you will use it lifts stress of your shoulders.

5. Stay on schedule

Do your best to stay on schedule, but it’s okay to rearrange tasks if they seem to be taking more or less time than you estimated.

6. Clean up

A clean workspace is a happy, efficient, and stress-free workspace.

7. Say no

If you’ve got too much on your plate, don’t be afraid to say no. Politely explain that you can’t take on more projects at the moment.

8. Mind your manners

Ever feel like you turn into a huge monster when you’re starved for time and energy? It happens to the best of us. Keep those manners in check so you don’t create even more stress in your environment.

9.  Take a minute

Shut your door, silence your phone and turn on your favorite music. Take a moment for yourself during a stressful day. You’ll be more productive in the end.

10. Plan something

No matter how busy I am, I am able to power through the hard work with a smile on my face if I have a fun event planned in the future. For me, buying concert tickets or planning a trip to visit friends in Boston is a surefire way to keep me focused and positive, no matter how many items are on my to-do list.

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Kylie K.