10 on Tuesday: The Spokester Job Description

You know about the blogging, the videos, and the social media, but there’s more to the Spokester role than meets the eye. As Spokester, you have the unique opportunity to learn new skills and try new things. No day is ever the same and the "job description" is always evolving.

Here are some things I've done over the year that the new Spokester may have the chance to do as well. It really is the best job ever.

1. Concert EmCee

This year I had the opportunity to announce some acts at the KahBang Music Festival. As a music fan, this was a huge deal!

2. Educator

Whether you’re sharing important information with students about managing their finances after high school or explaining what Young & Free Maine is all about to a room of CU staff, the Spokester plays a major role as an educator.

3. Comedian

Funny stuff gets views. Hilarious posts get likes. As Spokester, you’re also a bit of a comedian, living for the laughter of your audience and making everything you do fun.

4. Motivational Speaker

When I go into high schools for Financial Fitness Fairs, I have the opportunity to speak to many students that are on the brink of a major life change. Some of these students are nervous or unsure of what the future may bring as they transform into college students. It’s my role to offer them advice and encouragement to keep them motivated through the process.

5. Talent Show Judge

In one of my final events as the second Young & Free Maine Spokester, I will serve as a judge for a talent competition. I’d better work on my best Simon Cowell impression.

6. Collaborator

You’re not alone in the Spokester role. You have the opportunity to work with the Young & Free Maine team, Spokesters all over the country, and even a fantastic team in Canada. Collaboration is major part of the Spokester job. Without many great minds working together, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish as much as we do.

7. Innovator

Blogging every day and creating new videos every week is a lot of work. You have to be an innovator, always coming up with fresh, creative ideas that no one else has done.  

8. Voiceover Artist

Have you heard my radio ads for Sound Off or for the Spokester Search? I wrote those ads and recorded them at a local radio station. Throughout the year, the Spokester gets to try out their best radio voice for various spots. Cool, huh?

9. Media Relations

The many news stations in Maine often invite the Young & Free Maine Spokester and members of the team on the morning news broadcasts to talk about the program. Throughout the year, you’ll learn how to give a great interview on live television. This has been one of my favorite parts about the job!

10. Friend

I’ve made lasting friends throughout my year as Spokester. Some of these new friends are other Spokesters, past and present, all across the country and way up there in Canada. Whether it’s about work or about life, my Spokester pals are always there to talk. Being a friend to everyone you meet, especially these incredible people who share the same role as you, is a major part of being a Spokester.

Do you plan to apply to be the next Young & Free Maine Spokester? 

Kylie K.