10 on Tuesday: Treat Yo Self!

This time of year is all hustle and bustle. You feel like you're running around non-stop, picking up gifts and food for holiday parties, finishing up end-of-year projects for work, and cramming every last bit of knowledge into your brain for finals week. It's easy to give up time for yourself when you're being pulled in so many different directions by others. However, when you forget to set aside some "me-time", you'll sacrifice your own happiness. It's hard to enjoy the holidays when you're not happy!

Tom and Donna of Parks & Recreation said it best, “Treat yo self!”

While you may not be able to afford fragrances, massages or fine leather goods like Tom and Donna, you can still give yourself something to smile about. This list of 10 ways to treat yourself are cheap and easy. Take a few minutes, an afternoon, or a whole day to recharge your happiness this busy holiday season. Give back to yourself so you can do more to give back to others.

10 Ways to Treat Yo Self

  1. Make a warm beverage, grab a blanket, and sit in a comfy spot near a window. Don’t talk to anyone, either in real life or via technology, for a whole fifteen minutes.
  2. Buy a cupcake and eat all the frosting first, because you can.
  3. Are you a fitness fanatic? Load up your iPod with all of your favorite songs and run until the playlist is over. If you're outside, slow down near pretty areas like along a river or through a fancy neighborhood and enjoy all the beautiful things around you.
  4. Wear pajamas all day long and watch the Christmas movies you loved as a kid.
  5. Listen to an album by a favorite artist all the way through while lying on the floor. Don't skip any songs! Your favorite band put the album together to tell a story, so listen to all of the story's parts.
  6. Pick up some magazines and candy at a bookstore and lounge around in one of the comfy leather chairs
  7. Buy some concert tickets and go see a band you’ve never heard of before.
  8. Pick a fun DIY project you've been meaning to try and do it.
  9. If you live in Maine you probably have friends in Boston. Get a bus ticket (fares as low as $1 on MegaBus) and go visit your pals for a night. Pack light, sleep on their couch, and make mac & cheese from a box in the middle of the night while you laugh about absolutely nothing.
  10. Away at school and miss your family and pets? Go visit them. Just go. Pop in unannounced and make your parents smile. (Bring your laundry, too.)

I have done all ten of these things at one point in my life. After treating myself I always come back to whatever responsibilities I have with a renewed motivation and focus. Make this time of year the happiest it can be by taking a moment for yourself. 

How do you treat yourself?

Kylie K.