My Commitment to Better Finances in 2016

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Managing your finances is more than writing a rent check each month. For years, I've slipped by with "okay" financial management. I've paid bills on time, saved money, even put some into a retirement account. However, managing money, and "making it work for you," as the financial gurus say, requires contemplation.

Why care about Managing your money?

Money. It's a complicated thing. Although we don't like to discuss it, it carries an abundance of emotions. As Tony Robbins describes in his book, "Money, Master the Game," it can make us feel guilty when we have it, and ashamed when we don't. It can lead to anger, frustration, happiness, or security. It's a tool, a need, a sign of power. Ultimately, it's not money that we seek, it's the feeling of empowerment, of freedom, of security, of giving, of having a choice, and of living our dreams.

The reason why I'm committed to better finances in 2016 is because I want to achieve a financially free status. I want to have the capacity to live my dreams, and to give back to people I love, and causes that are important to me. It's not truly about the money. It's about establishing a life where money is a non-issue.

The Best time of year to fix your finances

The best time is now. 

Fixing your finances seems like a daunting process. It can stem from the refusal to admit that a problem exists. The moment I realized I had a problem was the moment I realized I was avoiding my problem. My boyfriend brought up the topic of student loans, and I shut down the subject. Immediately. That's when I decided that it's time to take action. Extreme action.

3 Primary Goals

My three main goals are to reorganize, cut back, and pay down debt, so that I can make my money work for me instead of working for my money. Getting my hefty student loan debt out of the way is a priority. Once that's gone, I'll be debt-free. If you're like many recent college grads, you probably have a big chunk of debt, too. 

Here are my three goals for fixing my finances in 2016:

1. Reorganize your financial situation, and make it better

2. Cut down on spending, increase savings

3. Pay down debt

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Happy New Year!