2017 Sound Off Music Competition

The finalists of the 2017 Sound Off Music Competition came together on Thursday, March 23 to compete for a chance to win $500 to Main Street Music Studios and to perform live at the Old Port Festival. The young musicians put on some spectacular performances! The top two vote-getters and one wildcard entry from both the solo/duo and band categories performed on stage in front of three judges. Lindsay Mower, Bri Lane and Holly Clough were the three finalists in the solo/duo category, while The Resistance, The Northside Ramblers and Seven Seconds Left were the finalists in the band category.

The musicians showed their dedication to Maine’s independent music scene by waking up early and arriving at the Next Generation Theatre in Brewer by 9:00AM, despite many living hours away. After a quick sound check, they gave it their all on stage with an original song. The Young & Free team and Maine’s Credit Unions were so impressed with the entrants this year, and even more so after hearing their performances. There is so much incredible talent right here in Maine!

After the last performance of the morning, the judges had a decision to make, and it certainly wasn’t an easy one. Richard Lachance of Connected Credit Union, Carlos Cuellar of Catama Productions and Andrew Clifford of Main Street Music Studios had the very difficult job of determining this year’s winners. Lindsay Mower was the winner in the solo/duo category, while The Resistance came out on top in the band category! They each received $500 to Main Street Music Studios and a live performance spot at the Old Port Festival! Bri Lane and The Northside Ramblers were the first runner-ups and received a promotional video and featured blog post. As second runner-ups, Holly Clough and Seven Seconds Left won a customized marketing and promotional package.

I personally can’t wait to see Lindsay and The Resistance play at the Old Port Festival! I’ve also become a huge fan of all those that entered the Sound Off Competition this year. I found myself closing down my Spotify or iTunes and heading to youngfreemaine.com when I wanted to hear some good music! I look forward to seeing where all these talented young musicians end up! The sky is the limit!

“I just feel rich today. I got to wake up, drive across Maine and meet up with all these people my age that do the same thing that I do. It feels really surreal.” - Lindsay Mower

What is your favorite genre of music? I’d love to know!

Take care,