3 Days, 2 Events, 1 Mission

Tomorrow I will embark on my first major journey as the Young & Free Maine spokester. The Green Machine and I will be on our way to Fort Fairfield in Aroostook County to see what northern Maine is all about.

Yes, way up there. Not quite Canada, but close.

The trip is part of my 3 Days, 2 Events, 1 Mission excursion. Over the next three days I will attend two major events in Maine, the Maine Potato Blossom Festival in Aroostook county and Old Hallowell Day in Hallowell. My mission? To speak with you, the 18 to 25 crowd, about your favorite parts of the festivals and what you love most about your part of the state. 

I can’t wait to speak with County citizens and learn about this faraway land known for its special spuds. As for Old Hallowell Day, well, I spent over a decade in this town, so I can’t wait to show everyone how we celebrate in our community. 

I’ll be attending some pretty interesting and entertaining events while at the festivals, including mashed potato wrestling in Fort Fairfield and one of Maine’s most vibrant local parades in Hallowell. There's sure to be lots of fun and hijynks along the way, so come join in on these great local events.

Next week I’ll bring you my 3-2-1 excursion in video form. Keep an eye out for The Green Machine over the next few days and be sure to stay updated on my travels via Facebook and Twitter. 

Get ready, Maine. I’ve got a trunk full of slap bracelets and chip clips and I’m ready to get this show on the road.

Kylie K.