3 Free Things for a Productive Week

Another Monday morning has arrived and I sit here still tired from my extended weekend of trekking across the state in The Green Machine for some incredible events. I had so much fun and met many great people on the road, but Monday morning arrived too soon and I’m feeling a little zapped of motivation and energy. 

I have another busy week ahead with blogs to write, videos to edit and events to attend, so it is important for me to find ways to motivate myself and take care of my spokester duties without feeling overwhelmed. Here are my top three tips to boost energy and motivation on Monday morning (and every morning) to ensure you have a productive workweek.

Make a To-Do List 

The best way to rid yourself of the overwhelming feeling of Monday morning is to make a to-do list for the entire week. Start your Monday morning by entering every major task you must accomplish by the end of the week in your calendar or with a to-do list app like Teux Deux. I love this free app because I can keep track of all my responsibilities for the week in one place. When I complete a task, a simple click crosses it off the list. Anything I don’t finish is automatically moved to the next day.

Having a to-do list will help you organize your week and reduce your risk of forgetting an important task. Also, writing things down and visualizing your week in list form takes that responsibility off your brain. Your duties will seem a lot more manageable if you write them down instead of trying to remember everything off the top of your head.


I am a strong supporter of exercise as a way to increase your motivation, focus and overall mood. I start every morning with a run and a strength training work out. I don’t allow myself to think about work or responsibilities while I exercise. Once I’m finished, I feel ready to start my workday.

Set your alarm a half hour earlier in the morning and head outside for a quick cardio session. I’m not a personal trainer, but my favorite cardio routine is starting out with a brisk walk then alternating between quick bursts of running and slow jogging. A 30-minute run can burn over 300 calories and is enough to boost your energy throughout the day.

According to All Things Fit, “As your heartbeat increases with a vigorous workout, more blood surges through the brain, more oxygen is absorbed by your brain cells, and you feel more mentally alert and energetic.” Get out there and chase away the Monday morning blues to ensure a great start to your week.

Simplify Your Morning

Nothing will zap your motivation and energy faster than rushing around to get ready before work in the morning. Simplify your morning ritual and save time by setting out your clothes, lunch and bag filled with work items the night before. Taking the guess work out of your outfit and what you’ll eat during the day by preparing these things the night before reduces the stress of your morning when you’re short on time.

If you plan to exercise in the morning, set out your sneakers and gym clothes so you’re less likely to skip your energizing cardio session. If you’re a coffee drinker, prepare the coffee maker the night before, too. Fill the coffee maker with coffee and water and set out your cup. Some coffee makers even have a timer option, so you can set it to automatically brew when your alarm clock goes off. What could be more motivating than waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee?

How do you motivate yourself for a week of work?

Kylie K.