30 Day $100: Fourth of July, Traveling and Pit Stops

Task 3:  Avoid the pit stop, especially if you're traveling this weekend. Save the few dollars you otherwise would have spent on a coffee/drink/snack from the gas station. Plan ahead. Bring snacks or drinks with you! 

There is a reason to avoid the pit stop ------>

Not only will you save yourself the embarrassment of a milk spill, you will also save yourself a few extra bucks.

When you're buying a drink and a snack, it doesn't seem like it adds up to much. $4 is affordable. 

But, when you stop multiple times, on your way to and from, and when it happens regularly, that four dollar quickly becomes $8 then $12 then $16. Before you know it, the money you were planning to spend on Fourth of July fun is gone. 

So here's the challenge for this weekend. Plan to bring your snacks and drinks with you, so that you can cut down the number of stops you make, and the number of purchases you make. Save the money you otherwise would have spent. If you don't know exactly how much, take your best guess. Put a few dollars into your savings instead. 

Have a great Fourth of July!