30 Day $100: Set Your Financial Goals

Task 1:  Track your spending throughout the challenge - especially the small things. Keep a sheet of paper with you, in your wallet, and jot down what you're spending money on. Or, save the receipts.

Setting Financial Goals

Planning your finances is not actually about "planning your finances." It is instead about "financing your plans." - Peter Bielagus, America's Financial Educator

First, ask yourself:  What is most important to you? Do you want to go to college, travel, buy a home, a car, or maybe start your own business? Think big. What are your big financial goals. Make a list of things you want to achieve.

Next, ask yourself, what are you willing to give up to get to your goals?

Now, write all of the little things you wouldn't mind giving up. Ordering takeout five nights a week, stopping by the vending machine for afternoon snacks, or getting drive-thru for lunch because it's fast and easy are just a few examples. Are the things you're spending money on helping you to achieve your financial goals? Think small - the coffee, lunch, vending machine snacks. Don't include major expenses, like rent and car payments.

Lastly, write a date that you will come back and check in on your goals. Checking on yourself and staying committed is the key to reaching your goals. The point of saving money is not to plan your finances, it's to finance your plans. When you have something to save for, it definitely makes giving up the little things easier.  

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