$ummer Money Challenges

Summer is just around the corner. With a few months of vacation-time, summer is prime for making money.

Making money is great, but giving yourself extra motivation is even better. Find ways to make more and save more this summer! Here are some summer money challenge ideas!

The 30 Day $100 Challenge

Commit to small tasks every day to either save money or make money. Put away $25 each week for 30 days into a savings account or jar.

The 30 Day No-Spend Challenge

This entails 30 days of cutting out extra spending. Don't need it? Skip it! If it's something you want, don't impulse buy! Think about it for 30 days first. You can still pay the bills in this challenge, but skip out on the extras:  coffee, fast food, eating out, movies, clothes shopping, etc.

The Cash-Only Challenge

Withdraw only the amount of cash you need each week. There is much more emotion linked to spending actual dollars than swiping a debit card. Plus, you'll be forced to think about what you buy, and limited to only what you need if you stick to your cash plan. The good thing about cash is that you get change, which you can contribute to...

A Savings Jar

Start a savings jar, and make a commitment to contribute to it on a daily basis. Whether it's a quarter or a penny, it doesn't matter. Get in the habit of making this a daily practice. One guy started his commitment with a penny per day. In five years, he had $4,000 saved!

This is a great idea for waiters, waitresses and bartenders (or anyone else who makes tips!). Change might not seem like an appealing tip when it's left in a pile on the table. But, when you add it to a savings jar, it adds up fast!

Do you have other creative ways to save or make extra cash this summer?

Share your ideas in the comments! We'd love to hear from you!

Good luck with your summer savings!