4 Countries to Stretch Your Dollar


It’s not surprising that international trips usually cost more than your average road trip. But, if you’re looking to leave the country on vacation if you win Bucks for Break, this is a great year to do so. U.S. currency is enjoying a favorable exchange rate in numerous countries around the world, which means that you can stretch your dollar further! 

An exchange rate is the worth of your money in terms of another currency. Political stability, terms of trade, public debt, and differentials in interest rates and inflation all have an influence on exchange rates –– higher or lower. It’s more beneficial to an American traveler when the U.S. dollar is experiencing a higher exchange rate. If you win the grand prize of $500 through Bucks for Break, what would that money be worth in another country? I’ve put together a list of countries where you currently can stretch your dollar and have more buying power during your next vacation:


South Africa

With a wonderful art scene, wildlife and bustling cities, South Africa has something for all kinds of travelers to enjoy. South Africa’s rand (ZAR) lost 25% of its value three years ago and it hasn’t recovered, which means the U.S. dollar is really strong there. $1 USD is currently equal to 11.64 ZAR. According to Kayak, hotels start at low as $12 USD per night!


$500 USD = 5,817 ZAR


The USD is nearing a 10-year high against the Mexican peso (MXN). $1 USD is currently equal to 18.66 MXN. In the increasingly popular Riviera Maya region, you can book hotels for as little as $30 per night. And if you’re looking to spend a little more, you can book all-inclusive resorts in Mazatlán for around $100 per night.

$500 USD = 9,327 MXN


This country offers some of the best savings for dollar-carriers. The Argentine peso (ARS) experienced a large devaluation in 2015, which saw the dollar’s value jump from 9.81 pesos to 13.3 pesos overnight. The exchange rate has been steadily increasing in favor of the U.S. dollar ever since, with $1 USD currently equating to 19.89 ARS. Historically, Argentina has always charged a reciprocity fee of $160 to all visitors. However, the country has now removed the fee and is offering a refund on the 21% tax normally added to hotel stays!

$500 USD = 9,947 ARS



Visiting Canada might not be as big of a bargain as it was two years ago, where $1 USD equated to $1.44 CAD, but our dollar is still strong enough to warrant a visit. $1 USD currently equates to $1.27 CAD, which is fairly strong when you consider that the two currencies were at a parity with each other for a long time. Not only are we at an advantage when it comes to the exchange rate, but travel costs are lower than traveling to other countries. You can even skip boarding a plane altogether and drive across the border. However, don’t forget to factor in the cost of a passport, as you now need one to enter the country.

$500 USD = 633.51 CAD


If you’re interested in visiting a country not on this list, you can find the exchange rate here.

Where would you travel to if you win the grand prize? I’d love to know!

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