4 Ways To Save This Football Season

Sports fans, the wait is over! Football season is upon us, and this means that you have plans every Sunday for the foreseeable future. While enjoying the games with friends and family, you don’t need to break the bank. Here are four ways to save this football season:

1. Watch Parties

Hosting watch parties with friends and family is the best way to watch the game! If you’re hosting, how are you receiving the game to your TV? I’ve mentioned before that it’s probably time to cut your cable. It’s expensive, and streaming services are far cheaper and more convenient. You can buy the NFL streaming service at a much lower cost, or if the game is broadcast over your local, over-the-air stations, an antenna will do the trick.

2. Game Day Potlucks

Buffalo chicken dip, barbecue wings and pizza are some of my favorite game day foods. You’re getting together for the game – plan ahead for your friends and family to bring a dish of their favorite game-time treats to share. Planning ahead is part of the fun and ensures that everyone shares in the cost and preparation of snacks – and that not everyone ends up bringing chips and dip. Far too many potlucks end up having twenty jars of salsa, and no wings or pizza. You even could make a competition of it, such as who has the best wing recipe. Start a group chat for game days so you can coordinate who should bring what while getting psyched for the game!

3. Black Friday Deals

Are you finding your place is the spot for the watch parties? Football and large flat-screen TVs pair together so nicely. Every football season seems to require a few more inches and better resolution from your television. As much as you may be tempted to rush out and buy a new TV, try to wait for the Black Friday deals. Buying your TV right after Thanksgiving means missing some of the regular season on your new screen, but you might just save yourself hundreds of dollars.

4. Buy Group Tickets

Watching the game live is a lot of fun, and you can save some money if you buy group tickets. Because you’re essentially buying in bulk, you can get a bit of a discount. Have fun at the game – but be careful with stadium food and souvenirs, which can add up quickly. To save a bit more, grab a bite to eat outside the stadium before the game starts.


How do you save money during football season? Let me know!

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