5 Affordable And Unique Gift Ideas!

As I sit in my living room, under my newly decorated tree, I can't help but feel overwhelmed by (1) all of the gifts I have to buy this year, and (2) if my giftees will even like their gifts.

I don't like to admit it, but Christmas loads on a lot of pressure - like choosing what to buy, who to buy for, and affording it all. I wonder if I am contradicting Christmas rules when I worry about how much I'm spending and whether or not my gifts will meet expectations. After all, the holidays are about the spirit of giving, and enjoying the company of beloved family and friends. Giving is not supposed to come with expectations, or judgements. Like the saying goes:  "it's the thought that counts."

Well, to me, the thought obviously counts, but it doesn't mean that it was a good thought. I want to choose my gifts carefully, so that the person feels special and pleased. At the moment they open their gift, I want them to know that I care. I also don't want to pour out excuses to my landlord as to why I can't afford rent next month.

Since I don't want to sacrifice unique and thoughtful gifts, I decide that I need to get creative in giving gifts that are special, yet fairly inexpensive. These are some of the ideas I came up with, and hopefully my giftees are not reading it.

for the crafty people

I am not an expert at crocheting by any means, but I still made these cute cloths!

All I needed was (1) yarn - and hint, use cotton for dishcloths; (2) crochet hook - between 4 and 5 mm; (3) YouTube tutorial; (4) time.

I completed the gift with some hand soap and added a finishing touch to the cloth with cute holiday ribbon.


I love this project because it's simple, unique, and adds a nice touch to a bathroom, guest room, or entry room. For the seashell lover, this makes a perfect (and thoughtful) gift!

To make this gift, I used (1) a basket, (2) seashells, and (3) a hot glue gun. Another idea is to fill the gift with matching hand towels!


This wooden coffee table was handcrafted by my boyfriend using minimal tools. If you're handy, and if you have the right equipment on hand, a piece of furniture, or even a cutting board, makes a beautiful gift! (YouTube will be able to give you a more complete list of tools than I can!)


This project takes a little more determination, time and investment, so if you have those three things, you're ready to tackle this throw blanket! It does require yarn, and a crochet hook, but it is so worth the effort! For this throw, I used Bernat Yarn. (Plus, kittens love it!!)


If you love to cook, making something special is a great gift idea! Homemade jams, jellies, and other treats add a nice personal touch to your gift! I needed mason jars, a canner. If you have those things available, here is a great jam recipe!

If you have any creative, unique gift ideas to share, please do! Leave a comment!

Take care :)