Use These 5 Staples, and Say No to Takeout!

You know those nights that you don't feel like cooking, (and let's admit, it happens a lot)...

You're tempted to say things like, "Hey, why don't we order out tonight?" Or worse, "Let's go out and try that new fancy-pants restaurant because I really don't feel like cooking."

Not only are those phrases dangerous for your health, they're dangerous for your wallet! Yes, experts have found that the key to eating healthy (and saving money) is cooking at home. Whether you're going to a fancy restaurant, or ordering takeout, it's all the same. More calories, more cholesterol and more cash.

BUT!!! (There's always a but.) It's been a long day and all you want to do is park your behind on the couch and watch Netflix, (or have someone serve you your food.)

Well, yeah, that's definitely the more appealing option. But, you have to weigh the consequences. And sometimes, spending extra cash isn't what we really want to be doing.

The Five Staples That Can Save You From Any GET-ME-OUT-OF-THE-KITCHEN Night

(1) A loaf of your favorite bread, (2) some type of pasta and pasta sauce (I know, I know, technically two items), (3) eggs (4) cheese...the square kind, and (5) some basic vegetables (carrots, potatoes, celery, lettuce).

Okay, great! Now let's make stuff!

5 Easy Meals At Home That Will Save You From The If-I-Have-To-Cook-One-More-Meal-I'm-Going-To-Go-Nuts Syndrome

#1:  Spaghetti (or spaghetti squash for the non-pasta people)

 Looove spaghetti squash!

Looove spaghetti squash!

What on earth is easier to make than spaghetti? Seriously. Not only is it easy, it's also cheap. Another bonus:  your involvement is minimal. Put that sauce on medium-low, and let those noodles get nice and tender while you enjoy an episode of Game of Thrones.

#2:  Tomato Soup Paired with Grilled Cheese

Another easy yet tasty meal! Pour your tomato soup into a pot, and let it cook while you butter up a couple pieces of bread and stick some cheese in the middle. Perfection.

#3:  Soup

With minimal effort, you can chop up fresh veggies and toss them into basically ANY kind of soup you want. A little chicken broth can add a lot of flavor, and make a great, and surprisingly filling, meal.

#4:  The Omelette (or just plain ole' eggs)

A very simple and quick meal idea...Fry up those eggs and slap on some cheese! Eggs are a great source of protein, fairly low in calories, and are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Go light on the cheese and you'll be enjoying a healthy meal.

#5:  The Ever-Famous Salad

Salads are fun because you can get super creative. For instance, toss in nuts, berries, cheese, hummus, weird vegetables, grilled vegetables, chicken, shrimp, eggs, WHATEVER! You can have fun coming up with some delicious salads, and they don't have to be boring.

Remember, fixing your finances in 2016 doesn't only involve your finances. It's looking at other areas of your life where you can afford to cut back!

Now, I would love to hear your stories!

Do you have nights where you don't feel like cooking? What do you do? Do you order out, go out, or do you have a few go-to recipes?

Please do share!

Your stories, ideas, and experiences might help someone out, and might spark an idea that they need to get better at managing money.

Take care,