5 Interview Tips from a Former Miss Maine!

As summer gets nearer, the need to look for employment, or career opportunities, is creeping closer, too. When it comes to finding your ideal summer job, it's never too early to start looking. As you prepare for interviews, I want to give you some tips on how to land the job. So, I spoke with a former Miss Maine and Miss America contestant. Becoming Miss Maine or Miss America means undergoing one of the most vigorous interviews of a lifetime. 

The job of Miss America is one unlike any other, and the process of "applying" is nothing short of a challenge, let alone a tremendous pressure. You have to be on top of current events, world affairs, and have the ability to represent and speak for a personal platform issue. Sharon, Miss Maine 1995 and former WABI TV 5 anchor, gives advice on how to be confident, comfortable, and cohesive in your interview.

Sharon Ayer Gives Five Interview Tips For Nailing Your Job Interview

1. Do your research. Never go into an interview without first researching the company's background, their clientele, their market, and their mission. Figure out what you can do for them, and how you would fit in.

2. Practice. Practice all kinds of interview questions with a friend or relative. You should feel comfortable answering a variety of questions because you never know what will come up in an interview! 

3. Sell yourself. Why would this company hire you? This is not bragging, yet it is a very fine line. Focus on yourself and focus on your assets. What makes you valuable, and what can you add to the company that will be unique? 

4. Dress the part. Dress neatly. Dress professionally. You have seven seconds to make an impression - make it a good one. 

5. Relax and show them your personality. Smile, say what comes naturally to you. The interviewers ultimately want to see who you are as a person, and whether you are pleasant to be around. They want to know if you are someone they can work with. 

Good luck on the job hunt, and take care!