5 Surprising Ways Summer Can Cost You

After a long winter, some fun in the sun is almost a necessity. However, when the heat rises, costs often do as well.

1. Beating The Heat

We all know how brutal the winters here in Maine are, but our summers can get quite hot and humid as well. Many people are rushing to the store to pick up their bottled water, sunscreen and aloe for those times the sunscreen fails! The cost of just these three add up over the summer months. Consider stocking up on your sunscreen at the end of the season. It goes on sale near the end of the summer, and you can usually combine the sale with some coupons for even more savings. Try filling up a reusable bottle with tap water rather than buying bottled water. According to businessinsider.com, bottled water costs two-thousand times more than tap water! Drinking tap water saves you money, and it’s easier on the environment. As far as aloe, you can grow your own plant. (Or try your very best to avoid getting a painful burn!)

2. Iced Coffee

Drinking iced coffee on a hot summer day is growing in popularity. However, the price is growing too. Has anyone noticed that iced coffee is more expensive than hot? Well, that’s because it takes longer to make, and ice may be water, but it’s not cheap. With no signs of the price dropping anytime soon, it may be time to start making your own coffee at home. According to coffeedetective.com, the average cost of a cup brewed at home is around twenty-seven cents. That’s around two dollars cheaper than buying your coffee out.

3. Housing

Summer is the peak of the rental season. Most people tend to move when it’s warm. There is no snow or ice to slip on when hauling furniture, and people are more likely able to recruit friends and family to help. Also, students are looking for a place to temporarily call home for the school year. Because of the high demand, rental prices area bit more expensive during the summer months. If you have the opportunity, try to move when it’s a bit cooler out. Rent prices may drop, and that price will soften the cost of your yearly lease.

 4. Transportation

Who wants to walk around a car lot in the winter? Because of the convenience and high demand in the summer, prices rise on vehicles. Dealerships know that you got that tax refund not too long ago and they’re ready to take advantage of that. Again, consider making your purchase when it gets cooler out and the prices drop a bit. If you’re looking for seasonal transportation like a motorcycle, purchasing in the winter will reduce the cost quite a bit. However, if you’ve been saving your pennies for a new snowmobile, now may be the time for you to jump on it.

5. Dining

The long summer days make for more free time with friends and family. This often means going out for food and drinks more often. Dining out can get quite expensive, and even more so when drinks are involved. Consider having friends and family over for a home-cooked meal. It’s finally nice enough out for you to fire up that grill, and having guests bring over food for a potluck is an even better way to save.


What do you do to save money during the summer months? Let me know!


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