5 Things That Prove Your Financial Life Is In Chaos...

You haven't invested any money because frankly, it's way too scary and confusing.

Your financial priorities are just not where they should be...New Shoes? That's a financial goal! 

You choose not to think about the tremendous amount of student loan debt you have because every time you check the balance you owe, you realize how long you're going to be paying back...

You've been putting off dealing with anything money-related because for some reason, thinking about money is depressing...

If you're feeling your financial life is in chaos, no need to panic! There are ways you can turn it around and get on top of your financial life! 

How to Set Financial Priorities

  1. Narrow your objectives - set 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year financial goals.
  2. Focus first on goals that matter - put desirable, but less important goals, on the back burner.
  3. Be prepared for conflicts, but keep in mind what you really want.
  4. Put time on your side. Put your money in interest-earning savings accounts, stocks, or bonds. Interest compounds, your money will grow, and the earlier you start the better.
  5. Choose purchases carefully - choose things that will make you financially secure, happy, and fulfilled! 
  6. Include family members in your financial goals and plans.
  7. Start now!! 
  8. Sweat the big stuff - Keep your spending in line with your long-term goals.
  9. Don't sweat the small stuff - Have fun along the way! 
  10. Be prepared for change! 

Take care!