5 Ways to Save for Spring Break

1. Start a Community Savings Jar

I think we can agree that living with roommates has ups just as equally as it has downs. On the plus side, you're never truly alone, there's always someone to grocery shop with, and if you need to vent about your stressful day, well, your roommate has nowhere to go.

Let's talk about another plus side to having roommates. Money. You split everything...rent, bills, maybe groceries...life is just all around cheaper with a roommate. How else can you take advantage of this temporary financial partnership with someone?

A community savings jar.

Yes. It sounds awful. Why would you want to share your savings? There are some practical reasons...

1) Community savings can be used to cover shared household expenses or bills, and you can make sure that everyone contributes equally.

2) You can use it as a savings fund for a road trip, or for a spring break vaca (assuming you're planning on going together).

3) It can be used for other fun things, like having a pizza night, or movie night, etc.

2. Pay with Cash

Going out for groceries? Or lunch? Use cash. There is an emotional connection to spending money, and it's MUCH harder to spend cash than it is to swipe a card. You'll end up spending less overall, and, BONUS, you can add the change to your savings jar!

3. Limit the Small Purchases

When you find yourself broke week after week, the little purchases are often the culprit. Read how you can stop wasting money on the small things.

4. Pick up an extra shift

The hard work will pay off when you're enjoying a fun spring break trip!

5. Partner up with your friends

Use your friends as motivation, especially if you're going on a trip together!

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