5 Ways to Save in November

It’s easy to lose track of our budgets when it gets colder. We might want to order more pizza delivery, plan weekend trips away, or buy some new winter sports equipment like skis. However, this time of year brings with it many opportunities for saving money if you put in the effort. I’ve put together a list of five ways you can save in the coming month!

Buy Halloween Clearance

The first days of November are among the best for frugal shoppers with a sweet tooth. Candy will often be on sale at retailers around the state, with prices ranging from 50-75% off. You can occasionally find bite-sized sweets without Halloween-themed images, which are perfect for filling stockings during the holiday season. If your budget allows, buy all of your candy needs in bulk now and save throughout the coming year. Along with candy, you can buy discounted Halloween decorations and pumpkins. This is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at making pumpkin pie, puree or baking pumpkin seeds.


Can Fruits and Vegetables

November marks the end of harvest season, meaning now is the perfect time to can all those fruits and vegetables. Learning how to freeze or can your food will not only fill your pantry, but save you a ton of money as well! You will be able to eat healthier foods and save money on packaged products that you would normally buy, as you’ll be prolonging the shelf life of your food. You can set the food out for Thanksgiving and holiday dinners as well, saving you from having to pay a hefty grocery bill.


Make the Most of Sales

Take advantage of the sales in November. Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday, you should be able to get some great deals on your holiday gifts. Remember, you don’t only need to by presents for others during these sales. This is also a great time of year to get something useful for your dorm room, apartment or home at a low price. However, don’t forget to make a shopping list. It’s easy to overspend and exceed your budget when excited by discounts. Use these helpful apps to find the best deals this month – happy shopping!


Stock up on Baking Supplies

Because of Thanksgiving sales, you can find all sorts of baking supplies for cheap in November. This is the perfect opportunity to restock your baking supplies at a low cost. Do an inventory of your pantry to see what you’re running low on. Buy more than you need for the holidays, and stretch those savings throughout the coming year!

Prepare for Winter


Instead of waiting until the last minute, start winterizing your apartment or home and car now. Seal up drafts, insulate and check to see that your heating system is working properly. For your car, check your belts and hoses, change your oil and other fluids, and mount your snow tires. Doing all these things now gives you more time to search for the best deals and prepare. A last minute change during the winter months cannot only be inconvenient, but costly as well.

What tips do you have on saving? I’d love to know!

Take care,