5,000 Strong

Big news! The Credit Union Shared Branch Network has reached 5,000 locations! That’s 5,000 locations across the country where you can access and manage your finances, just like you do at your local credit union.

Nearly 160 of Maine Credit Union branches participate in this network that connects credit union members to their money, no matter where they are. That’s close to three times as many branches as any single bank in Maine. Impressive!

The shared branch network is a great tool for anyone who is always on the go. Whether you’re traveling around the state or across the country, you can visit a CU that’s part of the shared branch network and conduct most transactions like you would at home. You can deposit and withdraw money, make transfers, and even submit a loan payment.

The shared branch network is perfect for me since I’m always buzzing around the state in The Green Machine. It’s so convenient to find a shared branch location wherever I am using the Find a Shared Branch app on my smart phone. I can also find locations within Maine at MaineCreditUnions.org.

Access to the shared branch network is one of many convenient benefits of being a credit union member. Join today! Find the perfect credit union for you at MaineCreditUnions.org.

I’m off to Aroostook County tonight to get ready for a big Financial Fitness Fair tomorrow morning. See you up there, everyone!

Kylie K.