A Love Letter to MegaBus

Dear MegaBus,

There’s something I’ve been meaning to say for a while now and I felt that this Valentine’s Day eve would be the perfect opportunity to let the world know. MegaBus, I love you.

 Visit MegaBus.com

Visit MegaBus.com

You see, MegaBus, even though I was not introduced to you until last fall, I knew I would love you for a very long time. Since then, you’ve helped me connect with my friends, go to concerts, and travel, all while saving me money. It’s true, MegaBus, you really are perfect for me.

I’ll always remember our first journey together. I had tickets to a concert in Boston and I needed a way to get there. Sure, I could drive, but the city is not always driver-friendly and then there’s the stress of finding and paying for a parking spot. I remembered a friend mentioning your name so I searched the Internet to find you.

Your website promised cheap, direct service from Portland to Boston and other major cities across the country. Your one-way fares are often as low as $1. Only $1! I had hearts in my eyes from the beginning.

We have had many travels together since our first trip and I’ve never paid more than $9 per one-way ticket. You pick me up at the Portland Transportation Center and drop me off in the heart of Boston at South Station. From there I can hop on the T to a friend’s house, a concert venue, or continue my travels to New York, Washington, D.C. or many other exciting locations. The opportunities you’ve given me for fun and travel at such an affordable price are unmatched by other transportation services.

You’ve just got so much to offer! Cheap travel on a safe and comfortable bus with free Wi-Fi and a movie during the ride… What’s not to love?

After reading this letter I know that many other people will love you, too. Luckily, there are plenty of MegaBus tickets to go around.

So once again, I love you MegaBus, and thank you for always helping me travel at the lowest prices.

Sincerely yours,

Kylie K.