A Story of Shared Branching

Imagine yourself on a beautiful, relaxing vacation. You’re walking the white sandy beaches of Florida, enjoying the serene mountain landscape in Colorado, or taking a stroll around Hollywood amongst the nation’s famous entertainers. Wherever your imagination takes you, you stop for a souvenir. That’s when you realize your money has vanished.

Frantic, you search all pockets of your wallet, shaking your handbag upside down in hopes that the cash will appear. You know your debit card is safe and sound back at the hotel, but that’s several miles away and you’ll need money for a cab ride. You’re about to give up and settle for a life on the streets when a distant memory floats back into your mind. 

With a glimmer of hope you reach for your smartphone and open the BranchFinder app. The blue swirls scattered across the map are your lifelines. They symbolize the CU Service Centers nearest to you. Since your credit union back in Maine is part of the shared branching network, you can access your money at any of the CU Service Centers on the map.

Relieved, you stroll two blocks down the street and into a friendly credit union where staff are ready to assist you as if you were at home. After showing a photo ID and your account number, you're able to withdraw money for a taxi back to the hotel. Once back, you find that the cash you thought you'd lost was tucked into yesterday's jeans.

Crisis averted.

This story is hypothetical, but the facts are true! One of my favorite parts about being a credit union member is having access to my money all over the state and country through the CU Service Center network. If your credit union is a part of this network with over 6,800 locations across the United States, you can access your money at one of the CU Service Centers as if it was your home credit union. All you need is a photo ID and your account information.

Shared branching is especially convenient for traveling but it also comes in handy in Maine. If you're a member of a credit union, for example, in northern Maine where you go to school, you can still withdraw, deposit and do many other transactions at a CU Service Center in your hometown when you move back for the summer.

Shared branching is just one of the many benefits that credit unions offer to people like us who are always on the go. Find the perfect credit union for you and get the benefit of shared branching and more.

I'm so glad I joined.

Kylie K.