A Tribute to Sarah Robinson

Hey everyone. Happy Monday to you all. Today, I am taking a break from financial advice/tips and random craziness and writing a blog from the heart. Yesterday, I lost a dear friend of mine after she battled a brain tumor for some time. Sarah Robinson passed away at the young age of 26. In a time where there are so many different emotions going on, I thought it would be pertinent to talk about Sarah and how even though she was young, her legacy will always live on with her friends, family and community.

I met Sarah in March of 2010 shortly after she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. While it was a scary time for her, her husband Ben and her daughter Morgan, she faced the challenges ahead with great fervor. Although she knew it was going to be a tough fight, she never gave up. Sarah's bubbly personality was welcoming to anyone she knew. From the first moment I met her, I knew she was someone who truly cared about others. She thought about nobody but others even in the midst of her trials. She also didn't let the cancer stop her from trying to do what she loved. I remember several occasions going to her house and jamming with her in the basement of her sister's house. Sarah had taken drum lessons in hopes that she would start a band someday (and she did by the way even though they never played a concert). She would beat on her set while I played the guitar. We'd try and play songs like "My Girl" and "Brown Eyed Girl" even though they were shaky at best. Sure, it may have not sounded amazing all the time, but she tried her hardest and it brought a smile to her face. Her passion came through even though we were rough.

As the months went on and surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments came and went, she hit highs and lows. I remember visiting her at the house and in the hospital as the year went on. She never lost her passion for people or her caring spirit. There came a time when the doctors gave her a clean bill of health and she was in remission. In just five short weeks she was diagnosed again with a tumor, and this time the cancer was inoperable. Her body may have lost the fight yesterday but she has impacted Maine in a way that cannot be overlooked. One of Sarah's biggest dreams was opening a hospitality house for families of cancer patients.

If you are in the Bangor/Brewer area, you have probably seen the Layfayette Family Cancer Center which is located in Brewer. When Sarah began her treatments, she often times traveled to Tufts in Boston. While Tufts has a place where families of patients who have traveled a ways can stay and not have to worry about hotel costs, Brewer did not. Sarah had a vision of opening a house that families could stay at while treatments were going on. People who travel from far away often times have nowhere to stay, let alone the money to house themselves in hotels for extended periods of time. Noticing this as a result of her own experiences, Sarah decided to collaborate with the Old Town Rotary Club (of which she was a member) in hopes that some day a hospitality house would be opened in this area as well. Families could stay in the area without being burdened by finding a place to stay. In October of 2011, the dream became a reality and Sarah's House began construction. Work is still being done on the house and someday, Sarah's dream will be complete and there will be a house for those who travel hours to accompany their loved ones.

Life is short. We are here for a moment and then gone. Realistically, no one really know when our last day on this earth will be, so make each day worthwhile. I knew Sarah for just under two years, and only wish I had known her longer. Some of us will live long lives, but not everyone is that fortunate. I will always remember Sarah as a kind, compassionate, loving young woman who never let any hindrances get in the way of her dreams. She was a great wife, mother, sister and friend. Those of you who know her will say the same thing. She accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. I can only hope that I leave half the legacy that she has. Sarah, you were an amazing woman. While I miss you now, I have comfort in knowing that I'll see you in Heaven someday.

Feel free to write a memory of Sarah underneath if you so please.

Seth P.