Acing Your job Interview

We've all (well, most of us) been there before. Applying and interviewing for jobs is probably one of the most stressful things to do in life. You send out tons of resumes and fill out online surveys to see if you are a reputable person in hopes that a company or business will call you back and set up a time to meet. If you get the call or email, next thing to do is prepare for an interview. Personally, I love going in and sitting in the hot seat, but I also know that it can be a pretty nerve wrecking experience depending on what position for which you are interviewing. I mean, realistically, interviewing for a management position somewhere is probably going to be a little more intense then a kitchen cook position at a fast food restaurant. I'm not downplaying the importance of cooks (I worked at BK for 10 months when I was 16), but fast food restaurants are where a lot of people get their first job. Management is a little more difficult in certain places. That being said, we could all use crafty ways to help leave a lasting impression in a job interview right? I think so! Here are a few tips I have found are important while going in for an interview.

Ask what to wear

If you are going to an interview, ask the company what is acceptable dress code. Not everyone will have the same requirements. If you are going into a situation where everyone is business casual and you come in wearing a three piece suit, you may show up a little over dressed and it could make you feel uncomfortable. The opposite is also the same. If you go into a place where everyone wears suits and you show up in a polo shirt, it's not going to reflect positively on your overall interview.

Be a storyteller, not a bragger

A lot of people have a tendency to talk about their strengths and what they can bring to the table, but fail to discuss how they show those traits. You can say, "I'm a great leader and manager", but if you don't show any specific instances where people value you as a leader or manager, your interviewer won't have anything to see how you have helped people in the past. On the other end of things, don't ramble on about how you are the best person ever and how everyone loves you. Confidence is nice. Arrogance is a whole different story.

Do your research

Do you even know who you are interviewing with or what you are applying for? Believe it or not, people go into interview without doing any research at all on what they are being potentially hired for. Sure, if you are working somewhere like GAP or Starbucks, you're probably going to deal with clothes or coffee. There are some companies that have obscure names, or names that don't coincide with what they do. Maybe the company you are trying to work for stands for everything you disagree with. Be smart. Do your research!

For a great article about interviewing tips, check out this little dandy from Forbes. You never know when you'll get that next interview, and it will be nice to bring some helpful strategies with you!

What are your interviewing tips?

Seth P.