Alternative Modes of Making Money

You might remember my blog from a few weeks ago talking about pyramid schemes and getting rich quickly. I think I speak for most of us when I say I wouldn't mind finding something that would help me make extra cash. We all like a little spending money at the end of the month, right? Well, today I was looking around the internet for fun financial topics, and stumbled across this article that talked about ways you can make money without having to work too much at it. Hear me out here. I am a firm believer of working hard to make money. I think it builds character, and helps you appreciate your possessions even more. I am also a fan of being able to make a few extra bucks here and there without having to do much, so I think in this case, in the article, it's okay. Here are some of the ways Yahoo Finance talked about making some extra cash.

Renting your spare room

This may seem like a no brainer, but they don't talk about it on a monthly basis. If you live in a high traffic area like Portland, or a tourist region like Bar Harbor or Rockland, it may be a good idea to rent out that spare room to people who are looking for a one or two night stay. If you keep a clean house and have an unused room at your disposal, it may be worth it to check into renting out your room to people who need it for a limited amount of time. See what the rates are at surrounding hotels, and charge cheaper than what they are spending. It may seem a little crazy to you, but there are websites that can monitor who is traveling and who is staying with you. I mean hey, if you are just looking to meet some people and not worried about making some spare cash, is a great website that is becoming increasingly popular. I have friends who use the resource, and they say it's a reputable source.

Rent your car to people

Yes, I said it. Again, if you are someone who lives in a high traffic area and don't use your car all the time, rent it out when you don't need it. Again, it may seem like a crazy idea, but if your car is just sitting there and not being used, there are websites out there that can monitor personal car rentals. The Yahoo Finance article has three resources you can use to rent out your car. Each site has insurance coverage in case anything happens to your car, and it's an easy way to do nothing and make some money. Granted, this will also put some wear and tear on your vehicle depending on where the people are going, but if you charge hourly and they are only going a few miles here and there, it could be a good investment.

Return your cans and bottles

The article didn't actually mention this mode of making money, and it won't get you a ton, but a few bucks is a few bucks. Normally I wait until I have a lot of cans and bottles so it actually makes an impact, but rather than throwing away those bottles and cans, keep them and get the five cent refund back that you paid for in the first place. If you are a walker, don't be afraid to bring a bag with you so you can pick up those returnables.  Some people go nutty over this and actually get a decent amount of money. I had a friend in high school who used to walk around the gym during lunchtime and would collect the cans and bottles of her fellow classmates. Each week, she had enough money to pay for her gas. Back then gas was also less than two dollars, but she was still bringing in about twenty dollars a week. Not bad for not doing much work.

I really do encourage you to check out the article. I never would have thought about renting out my own car to make money (I can't right now either. I think the Maine Credit Union League would frown upon that). I also have a spare room and wouldn't have thought about doing that for a night either. All in all, I'd give it a shot!

Would you rent your car or room out to someone for a day?

Seth P.