Applicant #1: Sarah Thayer

Sarah Thayer is a 23-year-old from Hermon.

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Sarah's current situation:

Hello! My name is Sarah Thayer and I am currently a Teller at Maine Savings Federal Credit Union in Hampden. I LOVE my job, which translates directly into me wanting to tell you ALL ABOUT the perks of a Credit Union... (sometimes whether you ask me to or not!)

Before I got into CU life I worked in broadcast communications, I was a director at the leading news station in town and then went on to be a reporter on the leading radio news in Eastern Maine.

Both careers came to a grinding hault due to the economic climate that my generation has become accustomed I decieded to lead a life in a career that I knew that was already keeping my finaces safe...a Credit Union. Just like a family they took me in, trained me and made me feel confidant and safe in my new calling. Now, I want to meld these two worlds together and educate everyone else about the perks of investing in a credit union!

Sarah's blog post:

Ok, so an application blog post... I would have to say I have no idea as to what I would like my first blog to be about... I could write about my love for animals... (I have 6) two dogs, 3 cats and a horse... all rescues... I could blog about my love for all things shopping... (mainly shoes... bright, eye-catching ones....) or maybe my new favorite mac and cheese recipe…(cheddar and pepper jack cheese laced with fresh jalapenos..) oh yeah baby… but mostly I want to blog about how much I want this opportunity. Its not to get out of my current job, as one might think based on the idea I am applying for a new one… but more to educate my generation about the importance of planning for our futures… I work at a credit union as a teller, but more importantly, I am a member of a credit union… I get back from my financial institution more than what I put in…I get the best rates around, personalized attention when I walk through the door, a nd those who work there genuinely care about me and my finances… this enables me to be more than the average 23 year old. I would like the chance to tell everyone I meet that there is more out there than fees and fancy letterhead on their past due notices from their current commercial bank…