Applicant #11: Monique Pelletier

Monique Pelletier is a 23-year-old from Bangor.

Monique's video application:

Monique's current situation:

I’m a 2011 graduate of the New England School of Communications in Bangor, where I currently reside. Most recently, I've been working as a Beverage Server for Penn National Gaming’s property located in Bangor - otherwise known as Hollywood Slots Hotel and Raceway. I have actually worked as a server throughout my college years, getting by with nickels and dimes. (LITERALLY! Pocket change…and lint! I’ll have enough to knit a sweater by the holidays!)

Monique's blog post:

My courses at NESCom were geared toward the journalism concentration. It is there where I refined my writing and speaking skills. I also learned the craft of presenting information in a manner that is concise and helps readers to quickly understand the important issues. I can say with confidence that my work experiences also have me “graduating” with a secondary degree in Customer Service Specialization. I have developed the ability to read people, listen to them, and find what it is the want or need.

I want to be your personal Customer Service Specialist. So, what do YOU want? What was that…did I hear you say…you want to be Young and Free? Well, you can be Young AND Free by turning to Maine’s Federal Credit Union to help guide you to making good decisions for the future, while getting the inside scoop from me!

I KNOW, it’s hard being young with just a few dollars to your name – but we don’t need to let financial burdens weigh us down. We can overcome these burdens and live our lives freely (the way it's supposed the be!). As we are all Maine-iacs, I’m sure we can agree that this wonderful state and the communities within it have taught us the value of diligent, hard work. Being diligent with our money by setting goals is one step towards becoming free – FIRST, as individuals - SECOND, as a generation and LAST OF ALL, as Mainers. I certainly want to be Young and Free – and I heard you tell me earlier that you do too.

OWN being young (and hip!) and ALWAYS stay free.