Applicant #14: Kylie Keene

Kylie Keene is a 21-year-old from Old Town.

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Kylie's current situation:

I'm a third year student at the University of Maine studying the exciting field of journalism. I love creating new and innovative ways to bring news to my peers. If I'm not in the library studying, you can find me anchoring the news at the campus television station, running, working out at the gym, or baking sweets for my family and friends. I am so excited to apply for the Young & Free Maine spokesperson position because I think I'll be able to put my journalism skills to work and act as a strong and confident voice for the eighteen to twenty-five crowd. As our generation moves away from home and starts lives of our own, achieving financial stability and independence is incredibly important. It would be an honor to deliver important information to my peers about financial responsibility and keep my generation informed about how a credit union can help everyone achieve their goals.

Kylie's blog post:

My generation is the generation of immediacy. If there is one overriding principle I have taken away from my journalism classes it is that my generation, the eighteen to twenty-five crowd, doesn’t like to wait for our news. In contrast to our parent’s generation, who are content to pick up the Sunday paper and casually read through the weekly updates in hard-copy form, we want to get our news from the Internet via social networking sites and online news sources. We want videos, interactive polls, comments from our peers, and other combinations of multimedia. As news breaks, we want to offer our two cents on the story via Tweets and status updates.

This theme of instant gratification and interactivity doesn’t only apply to news; we also want quick access to all sorts of information via technology we live by, like our cell phones and computers. Maine’s Credit Unions offer a great way to access information about our financial status on a cell phone. What could be better than that? Just send your credit union a quick text and you’ve got access to information about your bank account right at your fingertips. This service is called mobile banking and its just one of the great benefits offered by Maine’s credit unions.

That’s what’s great about our generation. Our needs and wants are different than those that came before us, so the world is changing and developing to satisfy those needs. Because of our involvement in social media and technology, the world is looking for new ways to reach us. Because of our need for immediacy and interactivity, we’re helping the world move forward into the future and develop new ways to communicate and deliver information. We have so much power to change the world, let’s not leave that potential untapped.