Applicant #15: Jeremiah Nazarkewycz

Jeremiah Nazarkewycz is a 23-year-old from Augusta.

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Jeremiah's current situation:

I am a 23 year old full time student at the University of Maine Augusta as a Liberal Studies major. I plan on furthering my career elsewhere in a music therapy degree. This wouldn't be possible for another year so why not work a little in the mean time? I fully plan on committing myself completely to this job if I am the recipient. I am also a part time substitute teacher, and volunteer the rest of the time in the autism program at Lincoln Elementary School here in Augusta. Outside of those time commitments I also perform in the Kennebec Performing Arts Company Wind Ensemble on French Horn. I give 5th and 6th grade students private lessons on the French Horn or the Trumpet. I enjoy time alone, with friends, hosting and having game nights, reading a good book or watching a good movie.

Jeremiah's blog post:

As a 23-year-old college student who is having a hard time sticking with any major and perfecting the art of delaying the start of an immersion of the real world atmosphere, I know how much money runs the world. Being between the ages of 18 - 25 there are so many temptations to just run out and spend money willy-nilly! Going out on the town, getting dinner with friends, then drinks, going out to see a movie, or even just purchasing extra groceries that one does not really need. I find that my biggest expenditure is entertainment items such as movie theater tickets, purchasing DVDs, buying books, and purchasing music. There are a few ways I have found to cut back on these areas.

First movie theater tickets. Instead of going and seeing that new release once it hits theaters, WAIT! I realize how hard that is, but it is so much cheaper. Instead of going, I wait, I wait until the movie hits DVD and go and rent it at the redbox. Instead of paying $7.00 for a matinee or $9.25 for an evening showing, you can spend $1.05 for a one night rental just a few months later.

I also have a guilty pleasure in purchasing DVDs and TV shows on DVD. These are items that I do not need when I have a limited cash flow. They are great items to add to a gift list, whether it is birthday gift, Christmas gift, or Hanukkah gift, if you would really like it let your friends and family know that it would be great to get especially if you are not spending your money.

As well I have a bad habit of purchasing books. Books that I could very well just check out of the library. Since we all live in Maine we have the ability to use the Minerva system. If your local library does not have the item you would like, check Minerva and request it from another library. It may take a few days to acquire, but that way you are roughly $15 richer still.

Lastly I find I spend way to much money on music. Music is my passion. I cannot quietly sit in my car, I can hardly listen to the radio because once those commercials hit the air my body has a void, something is missing and I need to music to be filled with the beats and rhythm of good old music. Therefore I allow myself a music budget. I let myself have roughly $20 a month towards music downloads. Lately I haven't been using that, but sometimes its hard to not convince myself otherwise and go over that limit. While there is not necessarily a good solution to music while driving, if you want to listen to a particular song or artist and you are at home with a good old internet connection, bring up Youtube. Sign into your account (or create one if you don't have one) and create a playlist with different videos of the songs you want to listen to but do not own yet.