Applicant #16: Adam Michaels

Adam Michaels is a 24-year-old from Orrington.

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I’m twenty-four and employed at the ninety-nine restaurant, trying to pay my way through college and raise two wonderful kids. I’m very ambitious, outgoing, and the true hard working Mainer. No matter how hard anything has ever got, I have never gave up. I like being challenged with something new every day, I’m a problem solver and it keeps life interesting. I’m multimedia task oriented, I’ve taken three years of video design between high school and college as well as I will be graduating within the year with a Bachelors of Science and Communications, with a concentration in audio engineering. One of my earliest memories is being four and making a drum set out of pots and pans, drumming to the Rolling Stones. My laidback, sociable personality is the perfect fit for Young and Free Maine. I successfully made a living selling vacuum cleaners door to door for a year, so I have no problem taking to anyone anywhere under any circumstances. I’m very grateful to be young, free and have the opportunity to have my voice heard.

Adam's blog post:

So I’ve noticed lately there are a lot of people talking about money management. All the ways you can pinch a penny so you can actually afford to fill up you’re gas tank. Now I could ramble on for days about budgeting, pie charts, and redundant advice that you’ve probably heard your whole life. Now don’t get me wrong having a strict budget is a key component to having a financially successful future. But today I want to share other imperative details that also help structure that success. The first thing I want to share with you is proper time management, after all time is money. So let’s start with the obvious, it’s something no one ever really thinks about. If you get the average amount of sleep, eight hours a night, that means you’re sleeping a third of your life away! Now I know way too many young adults who pass out at one in the morning, after they get home from a party, and hit the snooze button till one the next afternoon. That’s a whopping twelve hours, for those of you who aren’t quick with the math, that’s half of your life.

This also brings me to the next topic, now is not the time to party. I know it might seem like it, you’re just leaving the shelter of your parent’s wings and you allowed to do whatever you want when you want. But, your parent’s raised you better than that. Now is the time to focus on your future, work hard, save money, and invest. The more you save now the earlier you can retire, that way when your forty-five you can do what is you really wanted to do now, like taking that trip to Paris or buying that dream home in the Caribbean. Not only that you’ll actually have money in your wallet to enjoy that time rather than returning the bottles in your car so you can scrape up enough to get a gallon of gas.

I’m not saying overbooking yourself to the point your mom need to set up an appointment two weeks in advance for you to be able to take her phone call. I’m just saying wasted time is wasted money. Sleep is definitely not overrated, if you have children you know exactly what I’m talking about. Just don’t sleep half your day away. Also there is nothing more important to me than having quality family time, I highly recommend at least setting up one day a week to be able to shut off the cell phones and hang out with your family, whether it’s your kids, parents, kin, or that second cousin that just moved back to town. You should never forget your heritage it’s where you; became you.

Remember take this part of life seriously, but also takes the time to relax, otherwise life becomes drab and mundane. If you’re interested in more tips towards financial success my next blog will be on improving your credit score.