Applicant #2: William Blake

William Blake is a 23-year-old from Mt. Desert.

William's video application:

William online:

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William's current situation:

My lifestyle basically is a typical college student just trying to get by, paying bills, using a small car, part time job exc, I use social media regularly mainly facebook. I am living with family and keeping myself busy with school and work. I do have a girlfriend i talk with and see each other as often as i can. Odds are she will be a part of many of my blog posts and various videos that will be posted in the upcoming year if i am selected.

William's blog post:

I will use this blog post to give people who have never met me to better understand me. I am a person who has a good time and has no problem acting like a fool when I want to. I said it in my video that I will entertain you with my antics, I can act like a fool but i will always have a professional approach to everything I do.

I have kept myself totally clean from tobacco, alcohol, and all drugs, and as spokesman I will continue to remain clean, I don't judge people who do everybody is equal and, I will do my best to never judge anyone I meet while your spokesman. I'm not perfect, and have judged in the past but I assure you I will have fun around anybody who wants to have fun.

Trust me you will have a blast watching the silly things I do, while maintaining the professionalism a spokesman needs to uphold, This job is right my alley and i will do it to the best of my ability. But I need your support.