Applicant #23: Kayley Walker

Kayley Walker is a 22-year-old from Bangor.

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I’m a 2011 graduate of the New England School of Communications in Bangor and I am currently working as a server and bartender at Weathervane Seafoods in Brewer. I won’t pretend like I am a finance expert-because I’m not. I am, however, excited to learn more about what Credit Unions have to offer my generation. You can usually find me at karaoke (Salt N’ Pepa’s “Shoop” is my specialty), home watching Shark Week or Eastbound & Down, or at my home away from home-the Weathervane, serving up some of New England’s favorite seafood.

Kayley's blog post:

Termed the Millennials our generation is true to our name. We are part of generation Y or perhaps generation W.H.Y is a better way of putting it. We are the generation of “what if” questioners, solver, dreamers, and doers, seeking security, political order, and collective responsibility in order to help shape the way our country is governed in the future. We must continue to preserve America and America’s ideals as a global superpower, but we must also do this while maintaining our respected status. We don’t do this by force but by example America has been revered as “the open door.” We must remain so, despite our fears. We are called to be the next “greatest generation” to lead our world out of the dark. We will prevail to see a day when we no longer concern ourselves with race, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

We will prevail to see a time when we can live in peace and will continuously work towards respect and strive for understanding. We will prevail to see a place that is overflowing with hope and promise for the future. We believe this with our every fiber because the America our mothers and fathers fought for is worth defending. Let nations do as they may, America must shine her light.

As Millennials we recognize this because we are the product of all the wonderful that has come before us. Our generation is a strong, civic-minded one. We are the byproducts of involved parents and patriotic grandparents. The individuals who came before us have helped us to become more informed and have helped us climb to the heights where we now stand, poised on the precipice of change. We’ve benefited from our parents struggles and have reaped the benefits of open-mindedness: brotherhood, sisterhood, a humanity uniting against bigotry and narrow view. We enjoy these because those who came before have walked the narrow way of justice, of equity and equality, and of sacrifice. We must rise up in kind to face freedoms challenges and to preserve those freedoms for generations to come.