Applicant #25: Shannon Dobbins

Shannon Dobbins is a 25-year-old from Bangor.

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Hey everyone!! I am so excited to have the opportunity to be YOUR voice! I am no stranger to hard work, and prefer a blissfully busy lifestyle, and it is because of this I feel that I can best represent all of you as the spokesperson for the 2011, Young and Free Maine.

I have accomplished a lot in my life so far. I have performed and traveled with a nonprofit performing arts group for two years. Teaching music and dance to kids and reminding communities around the world the power of the arts in our schools.

I brought home everything I learned from the group and put it to use home here in Maine. With passion and enthusiasm and I started my own music outreach program at a local youth correctional facility. Wow... that was quite the amazingly moving, powerful and rewarding experience!! All the while, traveling the state advocating and spreading the news about my program.

This May, I graduated with honors from the University of Maine with a BA in Communication and minors in both Public Relations and Sociology. I worked my way through school serving tables all while balancing friends, family, volunteering, and my checkbook.

Now, with my formal schooling over and my future ahead, I am ready to take all my life experiences and endeavors and put them to use helping others and being a voice for YOU! So please Maine... help me become YOUR spokesperson for 2011 Young and Free Maine! :o)

Shannon's blog post:

I am a ~BIG~ fan of Broadway Musicals. My favorite one is “Rent”. In it they stress the importance of “No day but today”. I love the idea of soaking up every minute of life and not taking anything for granted. I do my best to live up to this, but let’s be real... that whole living life it to the fullest manta can sometimes be easier said than done. Between schoolwork, friends, family and blah blah blah... sometimes it is easy to get wrapped up in the stresses rather than the joys of life.

For people our age, a large source of stress comes from not knowing exactly how to properly plan for our financial future. Let’s face it ...finding help and advice on personal finance, mixed with its confusing jargon, can get really boring. ZZzzzZZzz +_+ Leaving you tempted to ignore your financial situation until one day you find yourself saying, “uh oh... I should have been better with my money.”

Most financial advice does not speak to us. We need advice and guidance that is easily applied to OUR generation and OUR daily lives. Yes, we are young, and we are capable of anything we set our minds to! So let’s work together and set ourselves up for a bright financial future. Instead of being bogged down with financial stress.